The Very Best of Ireland

Thank You, Ireland!

In keeping with the theme of my previous article, which appeared in the Winter Issue, I thought it would be fun to list my 10 Irish Traditions/Inventions that the Emerald Isle has shared with the world. It' s truly amazing to think that a country the size of Ireland has had such an impact and influence throughout the world. Despite my very Polish last name, I am of Irish descent myself (my mother' s maiden name was McFadden). Therefore, I feel an inherent pressure not to miss anything...but I only have ten places!! Again, we invite all World Of English readers to send in their own lists and comments for publication in a future issue. Give it a try!

TOP 10 Irish Traditions/Inventions

1/ St. Patrick' s Day (March 17th) - The day when everyone is Irish!
2/ Guinness Stout - The 'original' dark beer!
3/ Waterford Crystal - A status symbol in most homes.
4/ 'Bed and Breakfast' Hotels - This unique lodging idea began on the 'Emerald Isle' .
5/ Irish Whiskey - smooooooother then Scotch Whisky
6/ The Shamrock / The Leprechaun - Universal symbols of good luck.
7/ The Irish Wake - Not your usual funeral
8/ Irish Pubs - A lot more fun than English Pubs!
9/ Irish Wool Sweaters - A classic Irish item - Warm!
10/ The Irish Jig - The National dance-step!

Honorable mentions:

Irish coffee, the Irish harp,
Irish soda bread (scone) and Irish stew.

Bill Piszek