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Welcome to the Insett Project Recruitment for the 2nd Postgraduate Diploma Course

We have great pleasure in announcing that recruitment for the 2nd Postgraduate Diploma Course has just started. For detailed information, please contact the Institute of English Studies, University of Łódź, or CODN, Warsaw, or visit our pages

The first Postgraduate Diploma Course is in progress. Towards the end of the third session the participants were asked to answer the following question: WOULD YOU RECOMMEND OUR POSTGRADUATE COURSE TO OTHER TEACHERS? IF 'YES' , WHY? IF 'NO' , WHY?

And here is what some of them said:

" Definitely YES! It gave me a lot of inspiration, and enticed me to develop my teaching skills." Małgorzata Pocztar-Sobocińska, Gliwice

" YES. If you want to be a good and efficient teacher, you have to improve all the time. The Postgraduate Diploma offers you a chance to refresh your knowledge of modern tendencies in FL teaching. It is very practical, so you can easily introduce some new ideas to your regular classroom. The other thing (no less important) is the excellent opportunity to meet many interesting people, professionals, teachers from different schools, so you can exchange ideas, discuss problems, share experiences (and have a good time together). All the sessions are well organized, professionally conducted. Friendly atmosphere!" Ewa Krzyczmonik, Łódź

" A lot of new ideas concerning new trends in methodology, fresh ideas, lots of lectures from different universities (Łódź, Warszawa, Wrocław), both Polish and British trainers. Very nice atmosphere, very good organization." S. Agata Niziołek, Szymanów

We thought that quoting real opinions of real people would be the best way to advertise our course to all English teachers in Poland who feel they need professional and personal development. Weren' t we right?

Anna Berestowska

Our TIMETABLE for the year 2000

Session Time: no of days Subject No of hours Session 1 winter break
6 days Methodology update, action research
Language analysis, language awareness (1)
Testing & assessment (1)
Psycholinguistics, Psychology (1)

Total: 40 Session 2 March/Fri-Sun
3 days Learner autonomy (1)
Psycholinguistics, Psychology (2)

Total: 14 Session 3 May/Fri-Sun
3 days Testing & assessment (1)
Psycholinguistics, Psychology (3)

Total: 14 Session 4 July
14 days Skill-based teaching
Learning difficulties, dyslexia
Language analysis, language awareness (2)
Syllabus design
Learner autonomy (2)

Total: 80 Session 5 October/Sat-Sun
2 days Presentation skills, voice
Psycholinguistics, Psychology (4)

Total: 12

Specialization options on offer in 2000: Testing & Assessment, Young Learners, British Studies, American Studies Course fee: 2,000 zł (includes accommodation and board).