Letters to the Editors

I'd like to comment on the article "Congratulations 'Maturzyści'. I am a graduate of NKJO from Tczew (branch office of University of Gdańsk). I fully agree that studying there helped me a lot in improving my English, but what next? Many graduates want to go further and get an M.A. but there are very few universities that offer a two-year course after which one can obtain such a diploma. The Ministry of Education urged universities to set up such three-year studies and you can find them in almost every city in Poland which has a university. Unfortunately, not too many of them offer the supplementary two-year course which I mentioned earlier. Last year in Gdańsk there were thirty seats available but 350 candidates. You may wonder: "Why should these courses exist?" The answer is easy. Many headmasters in schools want to have highly educated staff, so teachers need to keep on improving their knowledge. The salary is inappropriate but that is another story. To sum up, I think something should be done about this. The whole thing is based on money. But education has never been free in Poland, so why not establish more supplementary courses and take the money from students who are prepared to pay? Such a solution would give more people who want to study an opportunity to do so.
Best regards, A.T., via Internet

As a student in the use of computers at the age of eighty-one, I came upon the World of English website today. What a joy to lose myself in the life of my Peace Corps years in Poland with the first group of volunteers in 1990-1992. I remember Edward Piszek and his unlimited efforts on behalf of the Peace Corps presence in Poland. He came to be with us as the first group was launched and he again rejoined us in Toruń as we concluded our two-year assignment in the city which prepared us in the summer of 1990. Regarding the World of English, the publication became a basic reader in my intermediate and advanced classes of English during my two years of PC service in Poland.
H.S., via Internet

I would like to thank the whole editorial team for the work you put into the World of English. You've done a great job! I would very much like to see some information or articles on linguistic studies and learning foreign languages. Maybe a good idea would be an article showing the opinions of young people, students of English philology or linguistics, and containing information about opportunities and further employment possibilities for people who would like to take up foreign language studies.
Best wishes, E. W.