INSETT Faces New Challenges

INSETT faces new challenges

INSETT, a programme for supporting teacher education and development for teachers of English in Poland, sponsored by the Ministry of National Education, Centralny Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli and The British Council, now covers the whole of Poland in regions. Each new school year brings new challenges and this year 1999-2000 is certainly a special one. Not only is it the end of the century and the beginning of a new millennium, but it also heralds the beginning of the Educational Reform in Polish schools. The administrative reform has already touched INSETT and the boundaries of the regions have been adjusted to fit the new voivodship boundaries, or county boundaries where this was not possible. Now the next challenge is to support the Educational Reform and help improve standards of teaching in reformed state schools.

Each region is preparing an exciting programme for the school year and has many interesting courses and workshops on offer. Connected with the Reform you will find workshops on topics such as" Teaching English to Younger Learners" , with a special emphasis on how to work with children in class 4 in state primary schools. Other topics include" Testing and Assessment" with information about the new school-based assessment scheme. " Project work" is a familiar topic for some teachers, but you are sure to find something of interest as such workshops will include information about cross-curricular teaching as required in the new core curriculum. In co-operation with the major publishers many INSETT regions are offering conferences with information about the new school programmes and presentations of new coursebooks. You can also get new ideas and help from other teachers who you meet at such events. Everyone always says how open and friendly INSETT sessions are. You can be certain of a warm welcome.

The next challenge facing INSETT is how to forge new links with the communes and counties which are now the main fund-holders for teacher training. INSETT is planning a publicity campaign to inform local government and councils about the programme and its aims. INSETT now has its own web page on the Internet which it hopes to develop in the coming year.

Remember that INSETT exists to help the teachers in each region where it operates. Each region is different, in terms of geography, landscape, climate, communications and number of schools. For this reason each region offers something a little different, specially tailor-made for the teachers who live and work there. Your local INSETT leader is always glad to hear your suggestions for workshops topics, or courses. INSETT belongs to you, please make the most of it!

New initiatives

INSETT has involved new initiatives from its inception and this year has been no exception. In order to help improve the situation in infant classes where English is becoming popular, but is not always taught by a suitably qualified person, several regions have started language course for qualified infant teachers who want to gain a specialization in teaching English to young learners. It is hoped that a qualification course may be offered in the future.

The first Postgraduate Diploma in English Language Teaching held at the University of Łódź; in conjunction with INSETT and The British Council is coming to an end and participants are busily writing their diploma projects. Recruitment is underway for the new edition of the course which starts in January 2000. Contact your local INSETT leader for information.


INSETT region Gdańsk has moved to a new centre. Gdańsk Leader Mariola Bugucka can be contacted at: Instytut Pedagogiki, Uniwersytet Gdańsk, ul. Krzywoustego 19, Gdańsk 80-360, tel/fax 058-557 21 12

INSETT Region Katowice is also changing its headquarters. As of 1 September it is no longer in WOM in Katowice and a new base will be announced shortly. Information will be sent to all schools in the region as soon as possible. In the meantime, the leader, Melanie Ellis, can be contacted by e-mail:

All of us in the INSETT team would like to wish you a happy and successful school year and we look forward to seeing you at INSETT events!

Detailed information available from INSETT co-ordination centres as specified below:(LISTA ADRESOWA PROGRAMU INSETT)

Mariola Bogucka
British Council Studium U.G.
ul.Polanki 62, 80-306 Gdańsk
tel./fax. 0-58 / 341 05 58, fax 0-91/ 4331 466 SZCZECIN
Julitta Rydlewska
U.S. Kolegium Języków Obcych
Al.Piastów 40 B, 71-065 Szczecin
tel. 0-91/ 4333 161
Melanie Ellis , WOM
ul.Kasprzaka 7, 40-132 Katowice
tel. 0-32 / 58 38 01, fax 0-32 / 58 22 09
Dorota Potocka, NKJO
ul.Liniarskiego 3, 15-420 Białystok
tel.0-85 / 745 75 16
Anna Berestowska, WODN
ul. Wólczańska 202, 90-531 Łódź
tel. 0-42 / 636 83 91, tel./fax: 0-42 / 636 16 89
Teresa Stanisz, NKJO
ul. Lisa Kuli 13, 35-025 Rzeszów
tel.0-17/ 85 324 76
Aleksandra Jankowska, KJO
ul.Międzychodzka 5, 60-371 Poznań
tel. 0-61 / 861 50 40, fax 0-61/ 867 94 00
Małgorzata Szulc-Kurpaska, NKJO
Zamek Piastowski 1, 59-220 Legnica
tel. 0-76 / 86 24 864, fax 0-76 / 86 22 150
Renata Jakubowska, NKJO
ul.Dworcowa 80, 85-010 Bydgoszcz
tel. 0-52 / 22 16 61, fax 0-52 / 22 04 21

Hanna Kijowska, NKJA
ul.Nowy Świat 4, 00-497 Warszawa
tel. 0-22 / 622 40 98, tel./fax 0-22 / 629 21 79
Ewa Krysakowska-Budny, WOM
ul.Garbarska 1, 31-131 Kraków
tel. 0-12 / 422 93 06
Małgorzata Tetiurka, WOM
ul.Dominikańska 5, 20-111 Lublin
tel. 0-81/ 532 16 05

Melanie Ellis, Insett Leader for Katowice Region