You Be the Teacher

School is back in session, and a normal part of it is tests which the teacher must check at home. Usually any mistakes you make are underlined with a red pencil, and the teacher adds his or her comments. For the sake of variety, today we are turning the tables and letting you play the role of the teacher.

There are mistakes in each of the following sentences. Your job is to find them, explain why they are wrong and indicate the correct form. The answers can be found in the printed version of "The World of English" magazine.

1. I know Mary since primary school.

2. My grandfather had twenty years when the Second World War broke out.

3. How do you call a rhinoceros in Polish?

4. When our team arrived at Lisbon airport we were greeted by a sign that said: 'Welcome in Portugal!'

5. I cannot understand this problem, could you explain me it?

6. Kathy doesn' t know where is John.

7. First thing tomorrow morning I have to ring to Bill.

8. George spends too much time in work and too little in home.

9. Sam is very interesting in space travel and he loves science fiction.

10. I very like pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and tacos.

11. My train arrives to Berlin at seven in the morning.

12. My parents did not want that I become an actor.

13. If I would have enough money, I would buy a new car.

14. How do you think? Will it rain tomorrow?

15. I am liking the novels of Dickens and Sienkiewicz.