This is a grab bag of various slang words and expressions used by Americans in literature song and daily conversation.

AIR BAGS: the lungs. Fill your air bags well when we go for a walk in the woods. He is the best runner in the class but the his air bags are larger than most.

BETTER HALF: usually refers to one's wife, sometimes one's husband. This is my better half, Sally. I'd like to go with our group but my better half won't let me out of the house.

DUTCH TREAT: an outling of 2 or more persons where everyone pays for themselves. Let's go for lunch on a Dutch treat basis. I don't get paid until Friday.

FADE or BLOW: a command for someone to leave. Fade! I don't want to see you here when I return. I told you to blow didn't I? What are you still doing here.

FLEECE: to cheat someone. Fred was fleeced by a fast talking salesman. If you don't want to get fleeced, don't play cards for money.

INK SLINGER: professional writer of newspaper reported. Being an ink slinger may be hard word but the financial reward is worth it all.

DISH SOMETHING OUT: 1/ to serve up food to people. Dish out the scrambled eggs before they get cold. 2/ to distribute. Our job is to dish out tourist information and point the lost sould in the right direction.

FIZZLE OUT: to die out; to come to a stop shortly after starting, to fail. They got all excited about their newly drilled oil well until it fizzled out leaving them with debts. The editor says I have some writing talent and I only wonder how long it will last before it fizzles out.

EAGER BEAVER: someone who is very eager to do something. My sister has a group of eager beavers whenever there is a class project to be done. The eager beavers were the first to start stuffing the envelopes with advertising materials.

DIVVY SOMETHING UP: to divide. The farmers put all their crops into the truck, sold them and sat down to divvy up the money earned. If we divvy up the housework, we'll be able to leave for the beach earlier.

DOC IN A BOX: a walk-in emergency health care center. I told the boss that Greg was taken to the doc in a box with his sprained ankle. We have a new doc in a box just around the corner, just in case we need it.

EGG ON: to encourage someone. The crowd egged on the runners as they neared the finish line. You egg on your horse and I'll egg on mine, okay?

DOWN HILL ALL THE WAY: easy all the way. Once you read the instructions, it's downhill all the way and your grill will be set up well before your guests arrive.

PIPE DOWN: to be quiet, to get quiet. Pipe down, will you. I can't hear the news or weather report. He ordered his class to pipe down and gave the instructions for the test.

SHINDIG: usually refers to a dance. (Originated in the west where spurs were worn and others could be 'spurred' during the dance.) John invited me to the school shindig.

TURN TURTLE: to turn upside down. He fell off of his bike which continued forward and turned turtle in the ditch.

ALL THUMBS: very awkward and clumsy, especially with one's hands. Don't ask him to help with the dishes as he's all thumbs. Seems my children are all thumbs, so I get stuck with most of the housework!