Five Irish Fairies

In popular tradition, the Irish have many special powers that normal mortals do not have. One of these is the ability to see fairies. Here is a quick look at some of the more popular characters that you might find at the bottom of an Irishman's garden.


Who hasn't heard of the Irish Leprechauns, the most famous male fairy of all? They're small, rotund, with a wrinkled face like a dried apple and dressed as a cobbler, apron and all. Their eyes usually have a certain, mischievous twinkle about them. They all seem to have pots of money, most often at the end of the rainbow, but do everything possible not to share it with anyone. They alone remember when the marauding Danes landed in Ireland and where they hid their treasures. A very important job for the Leprechauns is to guard the fairy's treasure. Besides the fact they can use foul language, they also smoke awful smelling pipes and manage to drink a lot of stout, even straight from the jug. Other Irish fairies tolerate Leprechauns because they need their cobbler services. Female Leprechauns do not exist, so sorry fellas.