Editors for the Day

Editors for the Day

Welcome to the part of the magazine that you, the readers, write. This time we have invited pupils from Warsaw's Władysław IV Liceum. The school is one of Warsaw's oldest and best. Founded in 1885 it has a long and rich history. The building survived two wars and retains many of its original features. The school also has a long list of famous and respected alumni, the most well known perhaps being Janusz Korczak. 

In Love with the Uniform? You Bet!

It must be Eaton! You would probably come to this conclusion too if your visited our secondary school ... in Warsaw.

The Secondary Grammar School bearing the name of Władysław IV is one of those that have decided to go back to the tradition of wearing school uniforms. That is why on Friday mornings, junior high school and first-year high school students take out navy blue jackets and grey trousers (if they are boys) or red-chequered skirts (if they are girls) from their wardrobes. Introducing school uniforms is becoming a more and more popular trend amongst Polish educational institutions.

"The idea was put forward by the Creative Schools Association," explains Mrs. Grażyna Filipiak, the Headmistress, "and we decided to take part in this experiment." Junior high school students put on their uniforms for the first time in October 2001. Since then I have heard many voices from some female students who thought it was a pity that older students didn't wear them too.