The Internet is changing the way we meet. In the old days, relationships started when you spotted that gorgeous girl or guy as your eyes met across a crowded room. But now, Internet chat rooms are full of lonely hearts in search of Mr. or Mrs. Right. But is this the best way to meet that special someone?

Everyone will admit that we all have changed our communication habits in recent years. We write much less letters now, and one of the few occasions we send anything by post is when write a Valentine's card. Recently, the Polish postal service announced the final termination of the telegram. There has been a revolution in the way we communicate brought on by the Internet and text messaging.

Constant access to Internet at work, and mobile telephone constantly in hand, enable us to be in touch with anyone, anytime we want. The Internet has become one of the most popular places to meet an unlimited amount of new people. But quantity does not always mean quality.